The South of France (pt 4: Biot and Ken’s Quiet Day 4/27/14)


I asked Donna for one day to myself to do nothing but lounge on the terrace of our hotel and Sunday wasn’t exactly the perfect day to do it, but…this was my soggy view from my chilly perch.

The view from the terrace on a cold and soggy Sunday morning.
The view from the terrace on a cold and soggy Sunday morning.

Meanwhile…Donna was in the village of Biot.

These are the pictures of the town that Donna took while walking around/shopping: DSC_0354_result DSC_0353_result DSC_0348_result DSC_0345_result DSC_0341_result DSC_0340_result DSC_0338_result DSC_0337_result DSC_0336_result DSC_0335_result DSC_0329_result DSC_0386_result Biot13_result DSC_0357_result I am jealous that Donna claims she had one of the best lunches of our trip on the afternoon she went out on her own. I assume it tasted as good as it looks. Biot 2_result Biot 5_result Finally, here are some pictures she took with the cellphone of some of the glass pieces on display.

Biot 7_result
Vroom, vroom!

Biot11_result Biot10_result

After Donna returned from Biot, we made a brief visit to Antibes and walked on the path above the marina and below the castle.

Antibes 2 Antibes 1