The South of France 2014 (pt 2 St. Paul de Vence 4/26/14)

So…we’ve arrived at a hotel called La Vague de St. Paul and drove about 10 miles to the town of Saint Paul de Vence which is located here:

We parked in a modern parking garage just outside the village at its northern end and walked through the gate and inside the city wall. I took this first picture outside the wall in the square outside a café. You can’t tell from this picture, but the village is on top of a hill and the vistas are spectacular.

Outside the city walls of St. Paul de Vence, France.
Outside the city walls of St. Paul de Vence, France.

As I mentioned before, the cemetery (which is located at the southern end of the village) is the final resting place of Marc Chagall. We got thirsty on our way there and had a little liquid refreshment. Belgian beer and sweet (soft) cider.

St. Paul de Vence 3_result

Fortified, we walked to the cemetery.


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Here is Marc Chagall’s grave.

Marc Chagall's Grave
Marc Chagall’s Grave

Did I mention the tremendous vistas?

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St. Paul de Vence 2_result St. Paul de Vence 1_result

There is a little chapel in the cemetery, but it was locked so I had to take this picture between the bars on the window.


Next to the cemetery was an abandoned orange grove. Unfortunately, we couldn’t simply wander over there and help ourselves. The fruit looks ripe and the air was thick with the smell of orange blossoms.


Here are a few pictures of the town.

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We had lunch at a small café on a quiet street away from the crowds called Le Caruso. The food was awesome!

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I love the juxtaposition of the cat door casually installed into the existing medieval door.


Well, that’s all for now. Stay tuned for Donna’s pictures as she visits Biot and the glass studios while I lounge in the hotel on a rainy day.