The South of France 2014 (pt 5 Juan-Les-Pins 4/28/14)

On Monday, Donna and I decided we’d drive around Antibes to the other side of the pennisula to Juan les Pins. We drove out as far as we could and parked at the beach which was also the beginning of the cliff trail that continued far longer than we had time to explore, so we hiked out as far as could and then retreated to the beach bar for refreshments. 😉

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The French concept of public safety is somewhat different than what you might be accustomed to. Loosely translated, the sign says ‘don’t go any further or the wind and sea will wash you away and you’ll die’.


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As we were relaxing at the beach with our respective beverages, a rainbow magically appeared and a sailboat lazily floated across it.

DSC_0448_result DSC_0453_resultDSC_0460_result

For comic relief, a male seagull was attempting to impress a female with a tennis ball (I’m sure he thought it was a premium sea urchin). He kept offering it to her and then rolling it towards  her. She was either smarter than he was or already had a better offer.

DSC_0477_result DSC_0466_result

Next stop: Antibes and the Picasso museum.