Instrumentals: Jazz and Classical

These are my instrumental tunes and will appear in roughly chronological order as I am able to generate the pages. I hope the tunes get stuck in your head as often as they get stuck in mine. The table is organized into three columns to distinguish jazz from dance and classical. It may seem odd to have a column devoted to dance songs even though I’ve only written one, but I may write more (you never know).

1980Terri’s Lullaby
1981Tap Haven
1983Jackenstein (Spidee’s Theme)
1985Hampshire House Jam
Youngstown Jam
What’s…the Name of This Tune?
Etude in E
1987Song for Larry
2001Donna’s Love Theme
2002Bus RideCrystal’s Requiem
2003New River
2007Funky Junky
Single Malt
2008Red Ryder
2014Stone SwingBach to the Fugueture
2015Slow Leak


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