What’s…the Name of This Tune?: Jazz on a 12-string


Yes, that’s right. This song doesn’t really have a name. It’s just a 12-string rhythm I play to warm up, though it can be quite painful if I haven’t played the 12 in a while. I like the dynamics of the song and it shows off the old Ovation’s strengths really well.

Regarding this particular recording: Jack Chamberlain’s drum machine was a stereo unit, but with a 4-track recorder we almost always had to run both channels together so we could record other instruments. For this recording, I was determined to preserve the stereo drum signal. The only other instruments are the 12-string and the keyboard bass.
I played both instruments and programmed the drum machine. The song was recorded in Pittsburgh, PA in 4-track mono on a TASCAM multi-track cassette recorder in the spring of 1986. The final recording was mastered using Cool96 in the fall of 1999.


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