Hampshire House Jam-Western Swing

Joe Adams and I wrote and recorded this song in (wait for it) CMU’s Hampshire House off-campus studio apartments. It has a western swing to it that was a bit of a departure for us.

Joe once had an Ovation 12-string like mine (bought his first, in fact), but sold it later. I think he regretted it because he loved to play mine for years afterward.

So Joe and I were fooling around with some chords and I happened to have Jack Chamberlin’s Portastudio and drum machine in my apartment….

Joe played the 12-string and I played the acoustic rhythm and electric lead guitars (I can’t remember who wrote the drum track).

The song was recorded in Pittsburgh, PA in 4-track mono on a Yamaha Portastudio multi-track cassette recorder in the late winter of 1985. The final recording was mastered using Cool96.

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