Terri’s Lullaby: Relax and Smile

A long, long time ago I had a wicked thing for a girl named Terri. But the song is actually older than that….

My friend John and I were playing guitar in his basement (we were still in high school). We set up the cassette deck with two microphones aimed at our respective guitars and started trading off solos for this two-chord ‘song’ (John first, then me, then John).

Since everybody we played the tape for liked it, but got sleepy, we naturally called it the lullaby. The song does tend to relax the listener and sometimes elicits a dreamy smile.

The quality of the recording is pretty poor, but the performance could never be duplicated so I won’t even try.

I now own John’s Yamaha acoustic guitar, but not the Fender folk model I owned then and played here (my first real guitar).

The song was recorded in Pittsburgh (Pleasant Hills, actually), PA in 2-track mono on an ordinary cassette recorder in the winter of 1980/81. The final recording was mastered using Cool96.


5 thoughts on “Terri’s Lullaby: Relax and Smile

  1. I remember you two playing this up in your bedroom in Floreffe. I never wanted it to stop. It does’t have an ending really. Mom

  2. This morning, your Mom told me to check out your new website. A visual artist, I know nothing about music except what I like to hear. Terri’s Lullaby – at 6:00-6:43 sounds like it has hiccups. Intentional or equipment?
    Listened to what you’ve recorded and I’ll be back for more as your site is “filled.” Keep playing, Ken.
    Musical luck, inspiration and success – Bobbi

    1. Bobbi, thanks for letting me know about this. I’ve checked the file and the feed and have not found any problems. Other than the quality of the recording (which leaves much to be desired), the playback has no obvious glitches.

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