Dangerous Blues: Making Fun of the Dark


Dangerous blues, dangerous blue
Where do I hide from these dangerous blues?
Too many thoughts, too many fears,
Too many hours and too many years.
Maybe it’s something that I ate today
Maybe it’s the last thing I failed to say.
I suppose it doesn’t matter anyway.
All I know is that they won’t go away.
Try to relax, ignore the roar of my mind.
I just can’t figure out what’s got my head in a bind.
I wish I could just leave all my troubles behind
And remember what I do to make myself unwind.
Forget those…
Stared at the screen ‘till I can’t see.
I tried to read a book, a magazine.
Listen to the radio, cassettes, CDs
As hours go by to put my mind at ease.
Still got those…
I feel so much stress, I want to  howl at the moon.
I can’t figure a way out of this lonely gloom.
Whatever I do I better do it soon.
Then it occurred to me to write a catchy little tune.
And I call it…
Write a new story or paint me a scene.
Take a long walk or ride a vintage machine.

The first album I put together (Time Capsule) was a collection of songs I had recorded in the 1980’s on 4-track cassette machines and the odd 2-track or double-track (2 cassette decks). The effort was almost entirely post-production. The second album(Millenia) was a collection of the remaining 4-track recordings that didn’t make in onto the first album plus my first forays into digital multitracking with my Roland VS-840EX. As I began to think about a third album, I had to start from scratch. I had only two or three new songs that didn’t make it onto Millenia so I pulled out my old folder of creased, yellow, smudged, and largely forgotten lyrics and found this tune.

I often write when I’m troubled and that often happens at night. By the time I’d written the lion’s share of the tune, it begged to be wrapped up in a tongue-in-cheek manner so I concluded the song by poking fun at myself and my mood swings. Incidentally the two motorcycles at the end of the song aren’t mine, one is an NSU Rennmaxx on a racetrack and the other is an idling Triumph 650 Tiger.

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