Hoopieland (C) 1986: Goofy country song about West Virginia

Pack your bags and learn the language
We’re goin to Hoopieland.
Another adventure in the serial of life.
Part of the overall plan.
I’m goin’ to Hoopieland my brothers.
I’m goin’ to Hoopieland.
Where the grass is green and the trees are tall.
Forget all about the ole shopping mall
‘Cause I’m goin’ to Hoopieland my brothers
I’m goin’ to Hoopieland.
Don’t know much about classes there,
But I do know one thing for sure.
Attendance is low and the pupils are high
And Heartland girls galore.
I heard all about it. Both good and bad.
The school the land and the town.
I don’t’ give a damn about none a’ that shit
As long as the girls go down.

In the Spring of 1986, I learned that I would be going to graduate school in West Virginia (Hoopieland). I knew virtually nothing about our neighboring state at the time. In retrospect, the state gave me a lot. I made some wonderful friends there, got my academic career back on track, and met my wife.

Face it, the song is just goofy, maybe even crass, possibly offensive (to West Virginians and militant Feminists). I didn’t (and don’t) hold the views expressed in the song (it’s a parody…hello?) although getting laid now and then wouldn’t have been so bad….
This song has a lot of instruments in it. Four guitars (electric and acoustic rhythm, electric and acoustic lead), bass, synth strings, ‘fiddle’ synth lead, and one vocal. It was recorded in my parent’s living room on Wayne Ackman’s TEAC Tascam 4-track. I also used Wayne’s bass and JD Taylor’s little keyboard.

I played all the instruments and sang the vocal.

Originally recorded in 4-track mono. Mixed to stereo cassette (2-track) in 1986. Re-engineered to digital from the stereo mixdown using Cool96 September 1999

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