Just Don’t: When They Ask Too Much

They called again.
They want me there.
They want me everywhere.
I just got home.
I’m tired of flight.
Just let me sleep the night.
Don’t yank my chain.
Don’t reel me in.
I don’t wanna play no more.
You’re in so deep, now you’re askin’ me
To be your corporate whore.
You proved your point.
You won the case.
But now you miss the chase.
You stir the pot.
You won’t wait long.
When will they prove you wrong?
Don’t waste my time.
Don’t lie to me.
No more bait and switch.
You’ve substituted myth for fact
Now, who knows which is which?
Revolving door,
You feed the need
Power, speed, and greed.
You spin your yarn.
The new guy bites
Eager to set things right.
The cycle’s complete.
I see myself
A link in your chain of fools.
You promise me the moon and stars
And then you change the rules.
You’re runnin hot.
They’re closin fast.
You must’ve known it wouldn’t last.
Diversion’s key;
Your slickest trick.
You change the focus so quick.
The pattern’s so clear
We all see it now.
You taught your students well.
Lieutenants desert at alarming rates
So I guess I might as well.

…and a little voice in my head keeps whispering ‘ghet ouhtt’.

Written between the fall of 1998 and the spring of 2000 and recorded within a month of  completion.

It’s supposed to be raw and angry… ‘cause I was.

Recorded in St. Albans, VT in the summer of 2000 in digital 8-track and mixed to stereo on a Roland VS-840 EX. The final recording was mastered using Cool96.

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