Song for Larry: Originally titled “Jazz Tune in Bb”

This song was originally titled “Jazz Tune in Bb”. The key was important because I wrote it for a clarinet player I had a crush on (c.f., Before I Turn Around). I really wanted her to play to it and I knew I hadn’t made George’s life any easier by asking him to improvise saxophone and flute on a song written in E (Tap Haven). Up until I actually recorded the rhythm guitar part, the song was pretty simple; just one acoustic guitar playing a series of chords. As I built up the tune on the 8-track, it took on a life (and persona, i.e., Larry Carlton) that I hadn’t anticipated. Consequently, it seemed appropriate to attribute the finished recording and song to Mr. Carlton in recognition of his (subliminal) influences. The song contains an acoustic rhythm guitar, an electric rhythm guitar, a lead electric guitar, synth strings (actually played on a computer keyboard), and an acoustic (simulated) bass guitar.

Written in 1987 and recorded in the fall of 2000 on a Roland VS-840EX 8 track digital recorder. The rough stereo mix was mastered using Cool Edit 2000.

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