All That I Have: Wedding Vows

I think back in wonder as our road has unwound.
The sweepers, the ruts, the ups and the downs.
A promise I made on a gray Sunday in May.
Our love and our friends kept the raindrops away.
Though my mind was awhirl, in my heart was no doubt.
I trusted my voice and the words floated out.
‘All that I have and all that I am’
You can count on me now and count on me then.
I love you today, tomorrow, always
I’ll be with you until the end of our days.
When we met the connection was instant and bright.
We ignored our companions and talked through the night.
I said goodbye with an awkward display.
It didn’t seem right to rush you that first day.
I wanted much more than a day of your time
So I tenderly squeezed your right hand in both mine.
Our pattern’s well worn, like a favorite chair
No matter that I now live here and you there.
In my dreams, by my side, your memory clings
Then we wake up side-by-side when my telephone rings.
Like that first Fall with you, the seeds of love sown.
I came for the night and I never went home.

This is a very special love song for my wife. The title and chorus are from our wedding vows and the song tries to recount some of my memories of our life together and was written during a period of separation by circumstance.

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