Youngstown Jam: Bouncy instrumental

Jack Chamberlain and I wrote this song one day in his apartment in Youngstown, OH. It’s been shortened considerably because the version I had was never completed (additional solo instruments were anticipated).

The anecdote for this song is that I kept forgetting the phrasing I had used at the beginning of the song by the time we’d reach the end of it (this is at least the third take). It’s supposed to come around and have the 12-string repeat the theme from the beginning and I can still see the dirty looks Jack was giving me that day. On the other hand, he did a great job of hanging in there and playing off the new theme.

I played the 12-string (rhythm and solo) and Jack played the ripping phaser guitar solo, phased rhythm guitar, and the keyboard bass.

Jack and I talked recently about taking another shot at this song and I’m hoping we can find the time to do a more modern version.

The song was written and recorded in Youngstown, OH in 4-track mono on a Yamaha Portastudio multi-track cassette recorder in the winter of 1984/85. The final recording was mastered using Cool96.


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