Last Poem of the Year


Dr. Ken © 2014


I am not strong, I do not bend,

My shell is paper-thin.

I look the same as you recall

But I’m not the same at all.

If I survive the day, I win.

I have all night to mend.


A million possibilities, like wet sand at water’s edge;

I can take any shape that fits.

But, like a kid’s castle built with pride,

It won’t last past high tide;

Washed away in a trillion bits

For tomorrow’s kid to dredge.


I am built again in the morning light

With unlimited potential.

But, these ramparts cannot be defended

Nor these crumbing walls mended.

The façade is ornamental;

Built and destroyed with equal delight


It’s true I collapse repeatedly

With no hope of permanency.

I shift, I waft, I rearrange

But, my essence doesn’t ever change

For not even the relentless pounding sea

Can break the grains that make up me.

1 thought on “Last Poem of the Year

  1. I like this poem, Ken J! It tells me a lot about you…..not that I didn’t already know a lot about you……Just sayin’….

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